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Mahogany Lodge Furniture

Mahogany lodge furniture provides a stately feeling to the interior of a lodge. The special qualities of the wood contribute to a brownish-red colour for the furniture which has always been associated with opulence. As such it is the perfect wood for lodge furniture where a fusion of European and Pan-African styles are required.

More about the wood used for Mahogany lodge furniture

The wood has a fairly straight grain and is relatively free of pockets. The reddish brown colour that is distinct darkens as the wood ages. When polished it has a magnificent sheen to it. Since it is a durable wood that is also easy to work with, many of the finest lodges and hotels on the continent are furbished with Mahogany lodge furniture.

The African Mahogany comes from the Khaya species which is slightly lighter in colour than the Swietenia species of North and South America. Khaya has a pink tinting, but with growing conditions having an influence on the colour of the wood, there are variations.

We harvest the solid hardwood from areas on the continent where responsible replanting methods are followed. Areas where the timber is grown include Tanzania, Mozambique and Uganda in the eastern part of Africa where the Khaya nyasica is to be found. In the western parts of Africa in Cameroon, Gabon, and Ivory Coast the Khaya ivorensis is grown.

Working qualities

It has excellent screwing as well as nailing qualities, is durable, and has a sheen finish making it ideal for stair cases, tables, sideboards, and other furniture.

One example of where the wood works especially well is with kitchen island counters. View our pictures of the kitchen islands. With its high sheen finish it is the ideal wood for an area where durability is essential. We design and manufacture a wide range of Mahogany lodge furniture according to client requirements. Contact us today for custom designs.

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